О аutorima

Sara Nedić - 21. jun 1996. Kotor Varoš
Filozofski fakultet (Psihologija) --- Faculty of Philosophy (Psychology)

Tamara Kasić (Eva Braun) - 12. maj 1996. Banja Luka
Filozofski fakultet (Filozofija) --- Faculty of Philosophy (Philosophy)

Hi guys, we want to introduce you our blog. We honestly hope that you would like it. As you can see one of us studying psychology, other philosophy. Also these are not our only interests, so we write about various stuff. But the most important thing we want to show is our society and what is good and wrong about it. Still you can find themes about art, and of course about psychology and philosophy. If you have something in mind you would like to read here, click on the page contact and send us your feedback. Enjoy!