The soul of an artist

Only few know about other side of history. Unfortunately, many of us think of one historical figure only as the evillest man ever. Maybe they are right. But every of us have that other side. Sometimes it is good side, sometimes is not. Still a man have to accept his own personality and every side. But we never even wanted to see his other side, artistic one. I do not want to talk about his political career and influences, or his role in the World War II. My only intention is to show we need to be more tolerant in some situation. It is fact that he made a lot of misdeeds. To much, actually. But why? What made him do it? And what about art? We have never talk about art when we mention his name. Can we see and feel art at all or it is just a illusion that we create and call it art? Almost every time we see world and things incorrectly. Of course, we should never forget his war crimes. They are just unforgettable for all people in the world. To many people had suffered because of him. It is just a fact we cannot change. Unfortunately, many still suffer because of consequences.

But there is also one big problem? Why no one tried to understand him? Why no one did not make something to stop all this? Why they did not let him to be something he wanted? Just imagine what can happen if you are trying your whole life just to achieve one thing. And only that thing matters to you. Just wanting to make it bigger, better, that would make you happy. That would be only thing you want. Only thing you are looking for. You just need to be loved as a human, you need to love them back. But if you do not get it, you cannot give it back. Unfortunately, many actions we do, do not depend on us. It is someone else decision. Someone else create our future. Sometimes he or she just do not like us, with no reason. It would destroy us. Everything you do would disappear in moment. And what to do then? You will fail for sure, whatever you do. It is not in your control. And no one else take care about you and what you want. It is hard to live life like that. No matter what would you do and try, there is no bright future for you. You can just deal with it. And usually people do that. But not everyone. There is also men like him, they will continue fighting, but this time pretty much different that first time. Even some of us think that is destiny, or carma. Well it is just unhappy life. And after all that, nothing can help you. In the end of the day, you are completely blue, hopeless. Then is time to revenge. You just become full of anger, and it would not help you either. It is sad when we made someone to do all those horrible things. And literaly for nothing.

Usually we are not good understanding artistic view of the world. It is pretty much different from this everyday view. People have to be flexibile and open for every new idea, but practice does not show us that situation. We are not able to accept and understand that there is more paths, one just one, not just ours. I know it is hard to admit. But at least we need to try. It is needless to think only about what others do and critizise. One of the biggest mistakes in our society.

Today there is no any respect for artist. Like they are living out side this world, this society, this universe. First they are different from others, it is just a fact. But also we reject them, just because our vanity. Once you realize that it is hard to go back. The obstacle between us is made. And no one can get it over. In the previous century situation was the same as today. And when someone take you away your only chance to become the greatest, you make every single life on the planet different. Usually in a bad way. They pushed him into hell, then he came back and made living hell here. It is just that moment when you are sick of disappointments, you just go further and do not look or think would you hurt someone. Actually you want to hurt everyone, and you do not care. They did not care either when you were hurt. In one moment everything turns around. The world is becoming different. The world is getting destroyed.

His paintings was not good enough for the people back then. It is because we cannot make difference between art and something that have no connection with art. That is why excellent painting are in some basement cover with dust, and in galleries there are a lot of stuff that do not even recall to art. His painting are forgotten. Far away from us, from him. Instead of we admire to those paintings, we are afraid of them. We are afraid of real art. And some art would never be appreciated enough. Today we can make difference between something that values, and something that does not have any values. We are just unable to feel art. To feel something when we are looking at the painting. It does not means that you must feel something good and positive. Any feeling is sign that we have something good in front of us. But we just listen what others say. Based on that we choose is something art or not. It is really sad.

Maybe one day we would respect art better. Maybe we would realize what is meaning of all that. Maybe one say those paintings would not be forgotten as they are now. He was just disappointed artist. Just a man who did not get his chance. Everything could be different. But we decided to destroy real art and made something sick to behold as an art. Only I have left is hope, that one day everyone would realize that his soul was soul of an artist.

Can you guess now who is this all about?