Sunday in other universe

It is boring to have same routine every day. Sometimes you got to go away and just relax. So we (authors of Futurism) decided to go, not so far away but still to go. It became boring. Every day same work, same people, same things. We just could not survive it that way. From our hometown, Banja Luka, early in the morning we sat in the bus and leave. We did not go so far, we finished on Vlasic, one of the most famous place in the winter here. It was not so cold as we thought it would be. And also we did not have any idea what would we do there. We do not ski, or do anything that is linked with some sport or physical activity. We are something like Garfield, only eat and sleep. But still we have one more side. That side loves to go out and drink. Honestly we thought it would be a little boring, however we went only to rest for that one day. Just to see some other faces and relax, because it became to stressful here. We needed a break. But we got something much better.

Up there

I cannot tell you everything we had done up there, but I can tell you the most of things. First of all we met a lot of cute dogs. And I just adore them. Even they wanted to hang out with us, they left us soon, because of free food. But we could not get angry, they we so cute. After that little walk around, we decided it is a time to drink the first coffee. We were very tired, because we went out night before. And to be short, we did not sleep, and we were still a bit drunk from night before. It was not first time to be in that situation. We survived much worse things. We saw that beautiul hotel, so we went there for a coffee. I was little scared, because I do not know how to behave in places like that. It was a little awkward, but we did just fine. Before we finished there, I heard some good music, but we did not know from where it comes. There in that hotel, we did not heard anything. It was so relaxing. Like you are in some other calm world. So nice, warm, quiet. It was fantastic, but I cannot be in those places for long time. I used to noise and everything to be fast. It is good sometimes to enjoy silence, but not to long. I could not accept it. It would become boring, and awful. Just a little bit, after that relaxing coffee I was new person. I was reborn. I had enough strenght to go somewhere else. Maybe somewhere where you can dance. But my trip partner and co-author wanted to eat. I did too.

Relax and taste it

Oh, those food, is there anything better than food there. Maybe drinks. But it is not for sure. I cannot make a decision and pick just one of them. It was holiday for my mouth. If there is anyone who would not enjoy it, he or she is completely crazy. You just need to love it all. Still after we finished, she still did not want to go to dance. So we had to climb up there, and so far away. I do not know, it was death for me. I prayed to God to take me, it was horrible. No one wants to climb those hill. It is okey if you would ski, but just to walk up there and down, nooo! Do not try it by yourself. Do not make the same mistake as we did. Never!
We survived it. God know how, but we did it. And after that hell I came through only because she wanted to walk, I did not want to make more compromises. I decided, we are going to dance. And of course, there are always something bad in my decision. No place for us. Everything was full. But few minutes later, we were in. And I can tell you for sure, that is the best place on Vlasic. It is just awesome. I missed place like that in my hometown. They closed them all. And you just can go and listen turbo folk here. I had no idea that I would find something that good up there. Also we met few cute guys. They were with us there, dancing, and drinking. Actually that trip was planned for us to get rest from everything. Even going out, drinking and stuff we actually love. But you just cannot resist something that good. I could not imagine that I would at noon up there on Vlasic be on such a good party.
One fun fact, you can find there a lot of different beers, but Nektar, it is a bit to hard. Many did not even heard for it there. But in “Manu” you have it all.

Maybe I cannot go back this weekend, but I will go soon again. While other are skiing and do all those winter things, I find rave party and go there. I am not kind of person who would break legs and arms while skiing, or something like that. I love something different. Maybe some of would think I am crazy but I had great time, and I would repeat it soon. And for all those who love either skiing and snowboarding, or good food, or good party, it is place for you. Everyone, but I really mean everyone can find something that he or she would like there. Even those dogs we met and hang out with. I cannot resist, I love animals. But I also love great people, nice people and excellent parties. So what are you waiting for? Vlasic is waiting for you.

I should go sleep now a little bit. But I am really happy, weekends can be even better when you decide to do something unusual, something different. And with right people it would always be awesome. I hope you would also have next weekend this good.