Sculpting the soul

Desire for good body. Just need to be handsome, need to show everything we have. That weird human desire to be special. To collect others by something material, something not important. We all do that. We love those attention. Just cannot get enough of it. Desire, passion. For what? Just to look good? So shallow. But sometimes it is good, it is healthy. Still many of us do a lot of things just for good looking, not for their health. Also with bad and tough training can make their health worse. They do not mind. But there is much more than good looking. Why no one cannot see it? It is just a small part of our life. Almost totally irrelevant for everything we do. It is true, sometimes it can help us. I do a lot of things and get a lot of everything because of my looking. But for how long? I cannot make everything with it, and not forever. Everything has an end. Maybe end of good looking is near, maybe not. No one can know it. But everyone can put it aside, and make something more.

Soul and feelings

Oh, soul, and all those philosophical themes. I suppose you are little bored with all of this. I talk about it all the time. Still, we cannot ignore it. It is part of everyday life. Philosophy is too. I understand that many cannot understand it. Just not interested in this topic. But as someone who lives because of it, I can tell you for sure, every single thing we do or think in our life is a part of philosophy. Our soul, oh, soul is everything here. No one can tell what soul really is. There is no right answer. In philosophy we do not give answers, we make questions. A lot of questions, which would never been solved. For what? No answer. It is not odd that usual opinion about philosophy is that philosophers just talk non senses. I can understand it. But still, what would happen with your soul one day? Can you tell me? Maybe you would find anwer in religion and faith, maybe in science. I find it here. In philosophy. I just want to make my soul better. Make it different. Everyone can do it. Find a book. Make yourself like it, if you do not like to read. But be careful. Choose good things. By the time you would be able to choose by yourself good and worth books. You would never be the same person again. Change is pretty big and hard thing. We are all scared of it. And for real it is horrible. No one like changes, especially that big. No one can be prepared on what is waiting for him or her. However, you cannot just give up because it is getting hard. You can stay on the lowest level your whole life. Or you can get over your fear and go up, become better, different. You would see the world in some new way. You could not even explain it. You would not be happy at all. But one is for sure. You will be satisfied. You will have a piece.
I do not want you to get bad impression of all of this. It is not only about philosophy or books. There is more than this. You can find your own way. No matter what is it. People become athletes, writers, painters, dancers… the list is so long. You can try something, and then try something else. It is your life, your choice. No one can decide what would you do, no one can choose your way. Only you can do it. It is so sad and disappointing that people do something they do not like just because someone expect it from you. Do not destroy your life or your dreams because others. They did not deserve sacrifice that big.

Sculpting your soul through your body

As I said, it is not everything about good looking. But sometimes physical activity can clear up you mind and thoughts. Can get you rid of the stress. There are many good things about that. You can do something you like, you can dance if you are not good or do not like to get fatigued. However, there are so many ways to do something good about yourself. And with that you can make your soul different and you can get more open to many things in life.
Usually people said it is striptease. Someone can called me a whore. But I just enjoy in pole dancing. It make my soul different. Make it better. It is so relaxing. You become sensual. It is great feeling. That can help you to work on your self confidence. Believe me, nothing can make you fearless than things like that. When you look your biggest fears in eyes. After that everything becomes easier. You are not the person you had been before. There is a big change in your personality, in your thoughts, in everything you do.

I just feel like I am in some other universe. Slow and sensual sounds in the back. Pole. and me. Like I am the only person in the world. Just dancing. Feeling. Like there is no body, just soul, dancing, and feeling so far away, on some better place. Skin, soul. Your body is changing. In a good way. You are getting more handsome. But you just do not even care. There is much more in that. There is a love. No one can do something good if he do not like it. No one can become the best in those things. You must feel the passion. The desire. But not for good looking. You need to feel passionate about that thing you do, just because it make you better and more satisfied. Everything else just disappear. You do not care about it. You do not even think about it. There is no place for those things in your life, in your mind. In your soul. It is also hard. There is nothing pleasant in many things they are saying about you when the hear word pole. But you do not pay attention anymore. They do not belong in that world. In your world. That moment when you are moving in other universe, it is magnificent. You do not even think about others, do not care, you moved on. They are those who are trapped in wrong world. In wrong life. Why you have to become one of those, when you can be much more than that.


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