Fountain (Dada)

In the world of nonsense your only choice is to be crazy. But if the folks do not want to accept you, then nothing can help. Fortunately he was accepted. Today his name is side by side with other great names of art. If you do not know what to do in this failed world, put fountain in gallery.

The movement

Previous century is well known by the large number of movements, especially in art. It is not a coincidence. The world was loosing everything it knows about itself. People lost hope in everything. After seeing and realizing what human are capable to do each others, they thought there were no chance for humanity. That was a time of big changes. Century of war and death. A man does not have nothing that is eternal. People were face to face with the worst side of themselves. But everyone needs a consolation. Some of them find it in drinking or using, drugs and opium. Others find it in art. In those century we met a lot of movements that were unique and something like that was never seen before. Some events in past century turn our world upside down. But also it made us realize how our mind is deep and what we can find inside it. Good or bad things, still it was a big step. Actually they all can be good if we want them to. Wars showed us we do not.
In unstable world like that few started something we are familiar with by the name dadaism or dada. The name was picked randomly. And even in that choice we can see how much they were disappointed and hopeless, the name was not even matter. Dadaism as movement was just a part of avant garde art in Europe. And later even in North America. We cannot say the exact year of creation, but it was aproximatelly around 1916. First names that appears linked with dadaism are Hugo Ball, Emmy Hennings, Tristan Tzara, Marcel Janco, Hans Richter etc. They were some of the founders and first “members” of the movement.
One of the first ideas that was the reason for unification was the war. They were revolted by the war and violence. For them, all that was the biggest nonsense. There were no real reasons for someone destroying the whole world. A man could not feel safe anymore, he became anxious. Everything they believed in was crashed in a moment. So they woke up all those existential questions in their heads. There is no hope, no future. They could not even think about that, they could not believe in those things. These people find some answers after all. And they find them in dadaism.

Previous art was not good enough

In the world they have been living in, no matter how the art from previous times was appreciated, it did not have possibilities to show their feeling and impressions. The world was not look like that never before. They just needed something more. Just a little thing that can turn around everything. Something that can go with the new time, with this broken world. Art known for humans did not have tools for those feelings of emptiness and hopelessness. They needed to invented something new, different. A desire for a work that would shock whole world. For these artists it was not a problem. Especially for one of them. His name is Marcel Duchamp.

The insanity of a French man

As I said it was very hard to live in 20th century. It was even harder to find something new and original. Marcel Duchamp is just one of those examples that shocked the world and showed something they never, never, see before, that is for sure. His artwork many did not want to accept as an art. Today it is his best piece, and also the best known, no matter what some of us think about it. If I say fountain, you would not think that is so bad to put it in gallery. It was not so usual back then, but today we think we saw everything, so it would not be a big problem. I would think that too, but I know more facts about this piece. And it is not ordinary fountain. It was not anything you can put with word ordinary. He was well known conceptual artist, so this kind of performance and exhibitions were not so strange. But my honest opinion is that Duchamp make one step forward. His “Fountain” was the part of sanitary ware. And no matter how you or people back then were shocked, I am not. It is just a mirror of society, problems, and people. Honestly, I admire to Duchamp. Man have to be so brave to do stuff like that. Those who did not like it, it was just because that artwork was representing them, it was personification of them. It was not coincidence at all, he knew well what he was doing. And he made it even to good. His work is not forgotten, and I hope it would never be. Because he gave us a proof what really look like our society, he showed us what we are or what we are becoming. He was just honest, and many could not accept it.

Maybe some of you would think of his as a controversial artist. You are partly right. Still dadaism is not the only movement in those time that has unusual ideas. There are also futurism, conceptual art, constructivism, happening, surrealism, and maybe today best known of them all pop art. Today we are still living in the era of avant garde. We just do not want to admit it, but for real, we cannot find anything after it. We cannot give our hope that would not get better. Those movements were showing society in that time. And our society is even worse. But is hard to admit it, we always have hope. Also it would be the end of those kind of art, and I would be disappointed. I really like it. There is more art then ever before. Many do not think it as an art, but art is not supposed to be part of everyone's life. Only few can really understand it.