Would you talk about art?

The world with no any sense, and what is left to us? We are watching those under-rated reality shows. No one reads, no one goes to gallery. And everyone forgot what the real life full of joy looks like. It is hard to understand something metaphysical. But as an philosophy student, it is not so hard for me. I see something bigger, something more in every single thing. It is pretty funny for everyone else. But i just want someone who would talk about art with me. Is it too much?

Forgotten memories

My parents told me how they went to the galleries, on concerts and many other events related with culture. It was just normal, like we go on cup of coffee everyday. It did not mean that you were better or smarter than others, it was part of everyday life. It was easier to meet someone in gallery and actually see how he looks, because in the club it is really too dark for that, and in the morning you would be disappointed.
Today many of us do not know where is the gallery in Banja Luka. It is sad. I can not deal with it. Not so long ago people were all day long there, and now their kids, they can not recognize it when they are passing by. What happened to us? Why we only think and do those unimportant stuff? Why we pay attention to worthless stuff? There is so much to see, so much to read about, so much pulchritude in the world, and we are keeping our eyes closed. We do not want to see it.


We are living in the world where everything is a marketing. We only need to sell something, does not matter what, some stuff, some art, even ourselves. Valuable stuff lost their value. People lost it too. Sometimes we need a change, and we made change, unfortunately we became worse. I am trying to run away from this trend of avoiding art. Like they do not understand how they can enjoy in those stuff. When you listen a good, really good music, you can not be indifferent. You feel those butterflies like you are in love. The same is with good picture or good show, good book… but they can not know that, because they did not meet those kind of arts, did not spend any time to enjoy in the art.
I could spend all day in gallery or reading, or listening music. And not because I am bored and just want to time goes faster, as many others do. No! I just want to enjoy. And there is nothing better than this. I feel different. I feel like I am in some other world. I lose all the feeling for this reality. It is beautiful, believe me. But you can not know that for sure if you do not try it by yourself. I hope you will, you will not be disappointed.

Colors of love

Today is very popular abstract art. There is very simple explanation for that. We live in world that is destroyed. And we also became so destructive, especially this past century was rise of destructiveness. After all of that what we had? Absolutely nothing. Artists can not show things like before, because everything lost its sense. They lost every hope they had. Everything they know in this world is disappear. So they find comfort in abstraction. That does not mean that makes no sense. That means you are not able to understand those kind of art. You need to be educated for understanding. People usually said that is stupid, only some lines, colors, that does not make sense. They are so wrong. And they will never learn to enjoy in art. No matter which kind of art.
Colors are those who send you a message. It can be domination of one or few colors, or it can be almost every colors on the canvas. Either way it is beautiful, if you know what does it mean. It can show you love, it can show you grief, hate, sadness… It can make you fall in love with art.

Every letter on the paper

The same thing is with literature too. It became abstract too, not like painting, but in its way. Because everything lost purport, so we must fight on many ways to keep even a little part of something that meant to us. There is nothing else left that memories and hoping that someone can make it alive through the art.
But you forgot what real book looks like. You are reading boring bestsellers, because they said you so. You forgot about Virginia Woolf, James Joyce, Aldous Huxley, Umberto Eco… you forgot them all. They are no important in our world anymore. It is sad. But sometimes we must deal with it it. It is hard, but it is how it need to be.

Metaphysical love

Philosophy has its own abstraction. Unfortunately you can not think about philosophy as an art, nor science. It is much more, it can contain both, but it is more. Much more. It is really hard to find only one definition for philosophy. But its abstract side is metaphysics. It is that on the other side. And I realize art also like something on the other side. It is not from our world, that inspiration, that motivation, it must be something more than our raw reality. You can be whatever you want in that world, you do not have to hide, you just enjoy.

Losing hope

When you lose everything you had, there is only one comfort for you. I do not know what you are choose for you comfort, I chose art. I know I can be happy in that world. I am safe in that world. Maybe you will not understand, but someone will know, someone will feel, maybe not absolutely the same thing but something close to that. Art make us love, make us live… art make us people, but we are to scare to admit it.