Violence or love

Humans, what to say about us? Essentially we are very destructive beings. Some of us enjoy in violence, enjoy in extermination. It is usually observed as something defective. I cannot tell what I feel about that. It is mixed up. Sometimes we all must understand the purpose of some kinds of violence. Still it should not be exaggerated.
Still we have history of being violent. That way people made many changes, sometimes they were good. Much more often they were bad. Some of social groups in our society are well known by violence and brutality. They are shown as very dangerous, also as something we should be afraid of. I think that is not necessary. This is just wrong way of observation, when we think of those social groups we only see bad sides. Shouldn’t we be more open minded and realize that is much more behind that?


There is one social phenomenon known by the name hooliganism. Frequently it is linked with football and football fans as well. They see theirselves as hooligans. Usually they unite in crowds, called football hooligans, casuals, boys, firm etc. Those groups are usually well known by their violence and many kinds of vandalism. But is it the only thing they do? There is another problem. How the media influence on people? The media only shows us bad sides full of brutality. They are the most important mediators between boys and “regular” people, and unfortunatelly people believe them more than they should. The media will show only how they are getting in the trouble and how they are fighting. Because of that we are unable to see their love. Yes! Love for city, football club and mattes in their group. It is style of life. Not easy at all. Whatever we think of that, it is hard for many of us to live that way.You must be loyal and really believe in the causes you fight for. Of course there is a part of them which is pure love for violence. But it is not the only part. Many think of that as something related only to contemporary social phenomenons. One fun fact, one of the first phenomenons like that was recorded back in the 14th century. In England, of course. It is familiar that Britains are those who made this style of life. But they are not the only ones who are famous by that.

Start new life

1950, in quiet city of Split, on the Croatian coast, fans of local football club "Hajduk" formed first and official football group in Europe. They named theirselves "Torcida". At first it was not the case, but today they are followed by voice of one of the most violent firms. Also whole Balkan is well known by many violent and aggressive football firms. Polish hooligans are also known as very combative and brutal. However Britains are better known in this field. They made it acceptable, understandable and in one way pretty much welcomed way of life. Even the many still feel uncomfortable about that.
As I already have said, whole Balkan is one of the best places for violence and football firms. Maybe it is all consequence of others social events, as war in 90’s and political turmoil. And you can see banners that show that we still hate each others and still feel those consequences. There is a lot of hate and rivalry between some of firms, and it is not about war and hate between nations, because in that way they are in the same side. But still there is something bigger than that for them. They are loyal to the higher goals than that.

Love and good sarcasm

It is simple. With no love nothing can be achived. They made such impact because of love. They love that way and they will do anything to stay devoted to the bourn. Some of us did not succeed because they were not pasionate and committed enough. They do not make mistakes like that. At least they usually have a great sense of humor and they can be very sarcastic and offensive. But why it must be bad? They just show us what we are really like and how we are artificial. That is the reason why we feel assaulted by them.
One thing I find very important, they are very important for every social event. Why? On their banner you can see many things that explain social situation, and their attitude. Is that so bad as we think? At least they are not afraid to speak out loud. We should learn something from them. Also the loyalty to the friends, well we cannot praise with that. And they participate in society more than others, sometimes in bad way, but it is better than doing nothing.
One thing that is magnificient is that how they make their performance at games. They are harmonized and every single member knows what is his part of the performance. It is really wonderful and praiseworthy.


Maybe hooliganism is not something new, but casual subculture is pretty much newer than the first phenomenon. It is more and more popular subculture and way of life. There are whole fashion style that supports this culture. Also there are other stuffs related to this. Especially everyday behavior and manner. But that still implies they wear pretty expensive clothes made by famous designers. It is of course sports wear, usually called clobber when it is used in this cause.
Casuals became famous by many films about football fans. Those film popularized hooligans and casual way of life. Also they introduced us those style and explain there is more than thing we see about them. Many of them showed that they are just regular people with one passion, that we usually cannot understand.

This subculture is becoming more and more popular. Some of you would not like it but it is not so bad. We accepted much more sick and perverted social phenomenons, so why shouldn't we accept this one?