You can not be everything you imagine. Okay, sometimes you can, but usually you need to choose only one side. That is what Kierkegaard told us. You can choose aesthetic or ethical life. You can not live both of those in the same time. He was pretty burdened with that theme. Always explaining why is one better than other, but at the end you must live both, first aesthetic, in your younger years, and later you can go further, and live more serious type of life, ethical one. He explained it in very interesting way, but before we star to talk about it, we must understand what aesthetic and ethics really resprezent.


Danish teologist and philosopher, and also one of the founder of existencialism, had really interesting and unusual life. He was remembered as someone who leave his fiance  with unsuall explanation, he love her but he must live free. However, he made such a great impact in philosophy with his stances. And yes, for real he had pretty much free life. Beside themes about theology, he was obsessed with aesthetic and ethics, and their problems and stances. He divided life on three period, first one is aesthetic period, it should be period of our youth, and if we life with that type of life when we are old, than is something wrong with us. But that period is usually full of lust and sensuality. You have no ethical or moral limits. After those period you can move on, and become ethical, when you will think about many stuff very different relative to aesthetic. And the arch period is religious.
But let talk about ethics and aestetic. Ethics is philosophical discipline that explains and study morality. On the other hand, aestetic is the science of beauty. Kierkegaard made some kind of connections between those two discipline. He explain aestetic using Mozart’s operas, especially Don Juan. He thinks that the art is a great example for aestetic type of life. Isn’t it?

Choosing your path

You do not need to life aesthetic type of life, it is on our own. But it would be better to do that, and later we will understand other thing better. Every person should have those times when he is permeable to lust and sensuality. That can be sometime good anti stress therapy. However, ethical life is quiet. You reconsider your every single step, thinking is it good for you, for others, for world, or not. It is a bit harder than first period, but in one point time you must grow up and live like that. No matter do we like it or not.
We think about that usually as something we do not need to live. But it is wrong. Everyday we must choose our own path. Not just in this two ways. There is a lot of problems, a lot of things, and we must choose, sometimes instantly, what is the best for us. Usually we are wrong. But that is okay. We are just humans, we make mistakes. But it is good to know how Kierkegaard thought about life, and at least sometimes to go his way.

The Seducer’s diary

In this piece there are a lot of autobiographical things. It was made to show his ex-fiance that is over, for real this time. And he showed the worse sides of his personality, and also his love for her, but there is a lot of things that separated them. You can see the signs of repentance in that piece. Also the life of one character is classical aesthetic type of life. He is just another seducer. And he is pretty much alike to Don Juan. sometimes I think that Kierkegaard is obsessed with Don Juan, but either way he is perfect example for seducer and someone who live only to fulfill his sexual urges. But The Seducer’s diary has also one role, it links two periods in life, with irony. It shows how person grows up and go on the next level.

Art and philosophy

We talk a lot about art, but we do not really know what is it. Kierkegaard used art to explain aesthetic, but it is not the only role. Today everyone thinks that they are artists. It is really funny. In the Kierkegaard’s philosophy, art is related with lust, sensuality, senses etc. And why he made things going like that? Well every artist need to have lust and use his senses to make something big, extraordinary, to make a master piece. That is way art is the best way to explain life of aesthete.
Philosophy is in every type and period of life. There is no doubt, no matter what someone says. But ethics is a good part of philosophy, and there are a lot of doubting about some things, choosing one way or another. And then you must think is it really good for you, or not, in the aesthetic you do not go that way. You only follow your desire, and make art, live life.

Two ways

Either-or, we must choose only one. Kierkegaard explained that we can not live both life in the same time. We can go from one to another, but in the same time, no. It could never happen. We must be decisive and go one way. No matter what happen we must respect it, at least it is our own decision. Sometimes we will regret, but in the next moment we would be happy and satisfied. However, even is aesthetic life is sinful, it is pretty good, and we all need to live it. We can not be ethics if we do not know what sin is. So enjoy your life. Feel the desire. Lust for desire, for sensuality. We can always think through and change something, but if you are young you need to be aesthete. It is not only what Kierkegaard thought. It is for real, and you would understand it if you try it. So what are you waiting for? Kierkegaard did not wait.