Philosophy of fear

Usual opinion is that philosophy talks about some metaphysical themes. But no one can understand that philosophy is here, in everyday life, and even in the phenomenon of fear. It is very ugly feeling, but we can not runaway from it. Sometimes it is good for us, sometimes it is bad, however, we need to use to it and realize that we can not live without that. After that it should be easier for all of us. We can not always think about fear like something that will stop us in our intents. Many philosophers have different opinion about fear. Especially in contemporary philosophy. One Norwegian philosopher became pretty famous because of this theme, and he is Lars Svendsen. He writes about themes which are popular in our modern society.

What is the fear?

Well, it is pretty hard to explain in just a few words. There are many definitions of fear, even those of scientists. How does it feel? We all know that, but is hard to explain, hard to find words to describe that feeling. But one is for sure, when we are in danger, we feel it. There are many results on our body, and even mind. But as I said it does not mean that fear is always something bad for us, or bad at all. Through the history, fear is something that kept us safe, that made us survive in the most dangerous situation. Humanity survive because of fear. It was something that stop us to do stuff that would kill us. It is some kind of protection, but we must know what is the limit. Everything out of it is not so good for us. So we should not be scared to much either.

Fear in 21st century

Today we can not imagine what kind of danger, people before us, had to live. Everything is different. We are secure, even a bit too much. But fear did not left us yet. No one can say we do not have reasons for fear. We have, many reasons. But not even a close like they had in past. They were literally fighting to survive. Today we have a different vision of life, and also of surviving. There are no so dangerous situation as there were in past. But we are more scared than before. Why? What is the cause of that? Well, we are maybe too much used to our comfort zone, so every, even the smallest step, outside of it is the new and unknown world for us. And everyone feel free when he does not know what to expect. This world is now over protected. It can not be good for anyone. Every extreme is no good. We are scared of everything. And we can be more endangered with that, than the real danger.

Selling fear

All of that did not stop us to make sensation. We sell fear. Yes. but how? Horror movies, horror stories and books, many events, and also those spectacular headlines in the newspapers about danger in everyday life. Terrorists, plain crashes and many other accidents, we read about it every day. It is not so strange to feel fear after all of that. It is excellent that we are not so scared to come out of our homes. But it is not really like that. It is small part of our lives that does not make so much trouble. But that sells the newspapers, people watch TV and go online to read and watch about those accidents. Someone will make a lot of money on our naivety. Fear became craze over the years, and some of us use it pretty well to get what they want. We enjoy it, we watch everything about that. Maybe we are the bad ones. And no one believe that we are living in the most secure period of history, that is one hundred percent sure. But when would we realize that?

Philosophy and the fear

Fear is a part of everyday life. And philosophy need to be here, in our usually things. So it can not ignore this appearance. Fear is becoming one of the most certain theme in philosophy these days, and in whole contemporary philosophy. Fear became an inspiration for many people in modern society, not only for philosophers. Even in fashion fear is the important theme, also as I said in media, and much more. But at the end of the day we must be sure that we are living in the most secure times in the history, and there is more fear than anytime in the past.
It there any sense? Not really. But we do nothing to change it.


On the other side, there is something that make us love fear. Oh, yes, it is adrenaline. Many people love extreme sports. I am one of them. That is so strange, that we are scared of many things, especially those that we do not need to be scared of, and later we go and do something crazy. Adrenaline is very weird stuff. It makes us feel satisfaction. We just have something in our bodies that makes us do those thing, that makes us want more and more adrenaline. In that moment you can not think rationally, but you are happy and satisfied. Some of us became adrenaline addicts. It is just like any other drug. But some appropriate quantity of adrenaline is healthy for us. And feels awesome.

Sick society

Maybe we are the only culprits for this situation. We enjoy in watching others in pain, in danger. We enjoy in the horrors, we feel satisfaction even in those things. Who is fault that? I can not tell. There are many factors that influenced on that. When you do not have real problems or real reason to feel fear, you invent it. That is our biggest problem. We invent so many reasons, and now we do not know how the life looks like out of comfort zone. But however, we can live without a fear. It will always be there.