Idea of love

In philosophy we usually talk about ideas, and they are more real than anything else, especially for us. But sometimes it is hard to explain people what that term idea means for us, for philosophers. It is very hard to explain, especially when you try to do it with Plato’s philosophy. However, I think I need to explain some things about love, because, we can not think of it just as something that happens between two people. It is much more, much deeper. You can love many other things. In the end, you do not have to love people at all, you can love everything else.

Romantic love during the history

It is well know that housewives usually read those boring books about big, endless, romantic love, just fill time. Because it is all what they do. During the history, there were to many boring novels about unrealistic love stories, made only for young girls to deceive them, or for housewives who were hoping for better future and that wonderful man who would save them from the everyday boring life. And those kind of stories became very popular, and people started to ignore the real novels, and other kinds of literacy. And we say that housewives can not affect society. Just from this example, we can see how they were changing the history. And this is only a small part. In those times, everyone forget about love as philosophers think about it. Because philosophers were writing very incomprehensible, and only small number of people could understand it. Philosophy was not made for everyone. That is why those unimportant novels became more popular that philosophy. We always want to go through easily, that is why we choose those unimportant stuff.

Love in 21st century

After that golden era for romances, today we do not know what is love. We think it as a some unrealistic romance, as they were, or we do not understand real values in this century, both ways we do not have anything. Only illusion of something that ancient people talk and think about. They have pure love, and we do not even imagine it today. Because usually, we think as love as something material, there is no real feeling anymore. Maybe technology killed them. And the most important is that we do not see love as something that keeps this world. That is only a relationship between two people. Also physical love are no related to this kind of love, philosophical love.

Philosophers had spoken

In ancient Greece, they have one very interesting understanding of love. Especially that pure love. For them pure love was only when respectable man can be with the young boy. Today we are think of that as pedophilia, rape, and homosexuality. For them, that was something out of this world, something that you can not doubt. It was beyond this world and only that love was real. Everything else was not so special to them.
But that was not only love. They loved many thing. First of all they loved philosophy. Philosophy means a love, a desire for the wisdom. Unfortunately we do not have the same connection with philosophy as they had. So today everyone thinks about philosophy as something absolutely unimportant, boring, and needless. And every philosopher today is a fool. We are living in the world without feelings, without wisdom, values, only technology and robots can survive this world. Usually many think that we do not need philosophy anymore, because we have all those technologies. But we need philosophy now more than ever. Just we can not see it. Or choose it not to see it. However, we can not talk about anything in our lives without philosophy, even we think we do not need it anymore.

Love for every single thing

Do you ever feel something for nature, animals, world… Of course you did. But you just did not think that is important enough to call it love. But it is even better kind of love, more innocent, more pure. But we just do not want to see it. And now, we almost do not know about those kinds of love, that is why we destroy our nature, and everything we made. Our lives have only one target, and that is to destroy. We became destructive and do not know how to appreciate anything more important than us. Nature made everything, made us, and we think about it just like another unimportant object which we can use and wipe out. We made technologies which only can destroy everything immaterial. Things around us, are bigger and more important than us, but we are intricate and think that only we can decide about this world.

One day if the love come back in our hearts, things would be totally different. Nature will pay us back, either way. But we can love it. We can love something that we made with our own hands. It does not need to be something special, just a trifle, but with our soul in it. We forgot how to live like that. Sometimes when we get hurt, we can find comfort in those stuff. Computers, phones and other things can not help us. They do not have souls. They are robot, and we can only use it to make our life easier. And unfortunately, we use it the wrong way all the time. Just free your soul. Love is not when you find your soul mate. Do not even try to find it. Just feel the world. Open your mind, and love. Idea of love is not just an idea. It is real. You can not touch it, you can not see it. But that feeling, that something special in you, that is love. Allow yourselves to feel it every day, everywhere. Just fall in love with your meal today, or find some nice flower and show love to it. After that, when you become One with the world, you will understand what love really means. What is desire, what is life. Until then, do not even try.