Desire in Florence

Love at first site

We talk about love every day. But no one can really explain that weird feeling when your heart is beating faster, but in the same time you feel nausea. Your body is shaking and you do not know what is going on. It is nice when those feelings appear because of person. I only felt it few times in my life, but only because of beauty of something that you can not explain. The beauty of the cities. Especially Florence. Oh that beautiful Florence, it seems like I was back in renaissance. Like I was Dante’s Beatrice. Those kind of love you only can feel when you in some place that have soul. Love that you feel for other humans, oh that is so overrated. The real love is when you go back in the past and become someone who used to walk the streets, and live there in best time for those place in history. Florence is still in renaissance, far away from our time. And it is so beautiful. It is so fanciful. And you just can not be indifferent. Those streets, every step you make you just feel something unexplained. You can feel the souls of the people that used to live there. You can feel the soul of the city. The spark appears in your heart, and you just can not forget that feeling. Anywhere in the world you will look for that spark, but could you be able to find it and feel it again?

Reminder of the better time

Renaissance is very important period in our world. After Middle Ages, people just needed the change, and the renaissance gave them that. That period turned upside down every single thing in life of people. It changed attitude towards Science, which just flourished in that time. Also the art, it was a huge step for art. First time after ancient times, artist could be able to paint nudes, to show every single thing that was unimaginable in Middle Ages. everything changed, and Dante’s work announced that change. We just can not imagine how this turning point really looked like in those times. But we all know for Dante and his love Beatrice, we all know for Florence as one of the most beautiful cities. And those who visited and know to appreciate art and history felt that incredible feeling and they know that can go any time in the arms of the Florence.

Dante’s Beatrice

We usually must to read Divine Comedy, but almost no one understood it after reading it first time. You must realize some things in your life and have some experience, after that you can read that work, and you would see it in a completely different light. Also it is important to know that he saw Beatrice only few times in his life, and probably never really met her. But it was love, some kind of divine love, out of this world. That way she was in the heaven. She was the heaven for Dante. Tragic, but beautiful story of love, life, sins, and his runaway from beautiful Florence. But it is very hard to understand it at first. He found his peace in Ravenna. But Florence stayed his unpleasant love, as well as mine.
In the chapel when he saw Beatrice first time, you can feel her soul, you can feel that connection, you can feel Dante’s desire. It is really strange, but sometimes things like those have a big impact on our mind. You can not know is it all in your head, or is it real feeling.

The Decameron

Hundred stories, ten days, and the book which was burned because it was unimaginable for ten young people, both men and women, to spent time away from home, all alone. It was worse than some of the kinkiest orgies today. Even the church was not have impact in everyday life like before, it was a big sin, especially because every story that they narrated was about love. But not only platonic love, it was real and also physical love. Those stories were also about sex, cheating and adultery. So they were not so innocent as it seems at first. And it was more than good reason for that book to be burned. In the other hand, even Boccaccio was so realistic and based his story on real appearances, Dante and Petrarch had always written about platonic, pure and absolutely innocent love. But those street in Florence, even they look innocent at first, will not share you feeling of pure love, they will show you real desire, where you can not find anything innocent.

Beauty of naked bodies

As in ancient times, man body was more than perfection. And there was nothing more perfect than naked male body. Artist were obsessed with nudes. In renaissance it is all about nudes and orgies, and blasphemy and immorality. It was also like that in Middle Ages, but you could not talk out loud about those things. But then it changed. People learn how to even enjoy more in something that was in public life forbidden before. Renaissance found its role model in Ancient Greece, not only in art, but in way of life. When you think about that from our time and our perspective, it really seems such a wonderful life, where you are able to do everything you want. And you can, until Holly office punish you. But Florence was more advances than some other cities, and have special place in the world, always.

Uffizi - World beauty at one place

When you think of that Florence can not excite you more, go to Uffizi and realize it can. Florence always can. You can be there for days and it would never become bored. You can watch over and over again same works, and you will see every time something else, something different, something more. You will be excited even more. You just can get enough of the Florence. That beauty, that atmosphere, that feelings, that excitement. Sometimes there are no words which can explain those feelings. But one is for sure, visit Florence and become a part of it. It is like labyrinth, when you go into the soul of the city you would never get out, and you do not want to.